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MD HCP Training?

Maryland State Police Course Requirements:
1. 16 hr. Class Instruction for 1st time applicants to include 2hr. of range time.
2. 8 hrs. of Class Instruction for renewals


Classroom Instruction will consist of:
1. state firearm law
2. home firearm safety
3. handgun mechanisms and operation
4. and a component that requires the applicant to demonstrate gun safety and proficiency with a minimum score of 70% accuracy.

MD HCP What is it?

Handgun Wear and Carry Permit

ATTENTION: Before you may legally wear and carry a regulated firearm, you must possess and maintain on your person the MSP-issued Handgun Wear and Carry Permit. Submission of the application does not authorize you to wear, carry, or transport a handgun.

Effective immediately, all Handgun Permit/Wear and Carry application fees are being electronically collected at the time of application submission in the Licensing Portal.

To access the Wear and Carry Application click below:

NOTE**   Training must be successfully completed prior to submitting the application.

How Much Does It Cost?


All fees will be collected electronically at the time of application submission in the Licensing Portal.


Acceptable forms of payment include Visa and MasterCard.

Original/Initial – $75.00 – Fingerprint Fees not included
Renewal – $50.00 – Fingerprints No Longer Required
Subsequent – $50.00 – Fingerprint Fees not included
Replacement/Modification – $10.00 – Fingerprints not required

Who Should Apply? 

  1. Wear and Carry Permits may be issued to any adult (18 years of age or over) who meets the following criteria:

  2. An applicant between 18 and 21 years of age may only be issued a wear and carry permit to possess a regulated firearm required for employment. - P.S. 5-133 (d)(2)(v)

  3. Has not been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor for which a sentence of imprisonment for more than one year has been imposed; or convicted of a criminal offense for which you could have been sentenced to more than 2 years incarceration.

  4. Has not been convicted of a crime involving the possession, use, or distribution of a controlled dangerous substance;

  5. Is not presently an alcoholic, addict, or habitual user of a controlled dangerous substance unless under legitimate medical direction;

  6. Based on an investigation, has not exhibited a propensity for violence or instability that may reasonably render the person’s possession of a handgun a danger to the person or others;

  7. As of October 1, 2013, has successfully completed the Maryland State Police approved firearms training course within 2 years prior to submitting the original or renewal application. 


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